MANACA (1500 JPY Starting Balance + 500 JPY Deposit)

MANACA (1500 JPY Starting Balance + 500 JPY Deposit)

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MANACA is a prepaid IC Travel card same as Suica card. Manaca can be used not only for Toyohashi Railway, Nagoya city transportation but subways and busses in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc. You also can use it in the convenience stores or pay for soft drinks and coffee in vending machines. 


 * Pre-loaded with JPY1,500 and easily reloaded at any IC Card stations  
 * Valid for TOICA areas of the Central Japan Railway Company, subway trains, and some bus lines 
 * No need to line up to buy individual tickets - just tap your card at the gate 
Prices include a deposit of 500 yen. 

The MANACA card is a rechargeable e-money card that you can use to travel conveniently on public transport or for shopping.


  • 1,500 JPY starting credit
  • 500 JPY deposit


  1. Order the MANACA card from us and we will post it to your UK address. Your order will be dispatched next business day. Please make sure you have enough time before your travel date (please allow 5 business days for delivery)


  • Returning the MANACA card is possible, but only at the ticket offices Nagoya Subway stations (please check not every station will refund the card)! The remaining balance on the card will be deducted 220 JPY as a processing fee. The remaining amount and the 500 JPY deposit will be paid out. If the balance on the card is less than 220 JPY, only the 500 JPY deposit will be paid out.
  • If the MANACA card has not been used for more than 10 years, it expires. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Japan again in the near future, you can simply keep your MANACA card.
  • The MANACA card is transferable, but can only be used by one person when using public transport.


This service is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


You can also buy the MANACA card directly in our  Japan Premium grocery store (add: 212 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EB)  In this case , please pay directly in store and do not order online. All SIM cards ordered online are sent by post.