Pocket WiFi Router Rental in Japan

Pocket WiFi Router Rental in Japan

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Unlimited Pocket WiFi Router Rental in Japan!

Please read carefully below information and send your inquiry to https://his-euro.co.uk/contact/

Please place order at least 14 days before your Japan arrival day. It takes 3 business days to confirm your order so please wait for your confirmation number.

If you need to rent a device for a different number of days please ask us for the quote.


You can pick up your pocket wifi at check-in time in your hotel


At the end of your trip, use the prepaid envelope included with your order to return your Pocket Wifi. The envelope can be mailed from any Japanese postal box as well as airport postal box.

Cancellation Policy:  until 10 days before pick up date is fully refundable

After 10 days before pick up date is 100% cancellation charge.

Purchase Notice: 
*Upon making a reservation please also provide the main traveler's name, under which the hotel reservation had been made. 

*The device will be delivered to your hotel in Japan. 

*if you are staying at an APA Hotel, we cannot check your reservation there beforehand. Thus, please make sure to also provide your hotel reservation number

*We need at least 2 days for delivery (More days will be needed for delivery to Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa).

The Experience
・Enabling Hybrid 4G LTE (High Speed).

・Battery life : Approx. 4~6 hours

・Supports all types of devices: smartphones, laptops, ipads, etc


Late returns will incur a charge of £5 per day, and In case of loss or damage, you will be charge £240.
Excessive data usage may result in speed restrictions. These speed restrictions are randomly enforced by communication companies to maintain fairness among users. We recommend moderate data usage. Please note that we cannot take responsibility if speed restrictions occur. (Guideline: 10GB/1 day)