Keisei Skyliner Discounted Ticket + 24h, 48h, 72h Subway

Keisei Skyliner Discounted Ticket + 24h, 48h, 72h Subway

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* Please  enter your departure date from the UK  as the date. (The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.)

Japanese passport holders can not take advantage of this offer .

Between Narita Airport and Ueno Station in just 41 minutes!

- The shortest travel time to downtown Tokyo / One of the fastest bullet trains in Japan at 160 km/h -

The Keisei Skyliner is a high-speed vehicle that runs between Narita Airport and Ueno Station, offering comfortable interiors for its passengers. With the Skyliner you can reach not only Ueno, which is in the heart of downtown Tokyo, but also Nippori Station, which connects you with JR Lines. Passengers can travel between the airport and the city of Tokyo without the hassle of transfers or traffic jams. The Skyliner runs three times an hour. Experience for yourself how practical and comfortable the Keisei Skyliner is.

Thanks to seat reservation, your seat is guaranteed.

The ergonomic seats have a depth of 105 cm and a width of 47 cm. Each seat also has its own power socket, which can be used for computers or other devices.

Each wagon has a correspondingly declared storage space for luggage.

Ample storage space for luggage is provided between the passenger cabin and the vestibule of each wagon. Furthermore, since each carriage also has security cameras, you can travel safely and with peace of mind.


  • Return Skyliner ticket  (adult tariff)

Please order at least 5 working days before departure.  In the case of short-term orders, we will otherwise not be able to provide the voucher in good time.


  • Last name, first name, gender exactly as in the passport

*The data of an alternate participant will suffice. You can change the information using the  text box in the shopping cart  enter . 


  1. Pay your request
  2. After we can confirm receipt of payment, your coupon will be issued.
  3. We will email you the voucher as a PDF file.
  4. Print out your voucher and exchange it for your ticket at the ticket office or at a vending machine in Japan.


  • Click here for more information on the Keisei Skyliner
  • Timetable : Please note that there are no trains at night.


Before issuing the voucher for free
After issuing the voucher 100% of the ticket cost